Tips For Sleep


Did you wake up feeling rested this morning? Sleep is one of the best ways we can care for ourselves. Here are a few easy tips to get you sawing logs. -Always make you bed. I know this sounds weird, but mentally, it feels so much better to crawl into a crisp clean bed. Get in the habit of making your bed!

-Unwind with an herbal bath. I love adding Epsom salt + Lavender oil to a warm bath. It soothes the body and the lavender smell mentally relaxes you. -Diffuse some oils to get you into a dreamy state
-Take some melatonin. I happened upon some emergencee with melatonin at Walgreens and wow! It put my husband and me into a serious dream state. Plus you get the added dose of Vitamin C which is great for this time of year. -If you tend to be a person who thinks of 1 million things as you are lying your head on the pillow, try meditating on thanks and naming all the things you are thankful for, the microscopic. That takes your mind easily off a to-do list.
What tips do you have for getting to sleep?

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