testimonialI read this quote the other day, by the wonderful Tim Keller. I keep being reminded of it and read it to my girls on the way to school today. It is so natural and human to focus on ourselves. Self-absorbtion can play both roles;  focusing on our good and or bad qualities. Everyday my girls leave for school, we always say to them, “Let your light shine”. As simple as it sounds, in order to be a light, you must focus on others. Kindness, Helping, Listening, and always…..looking…..looking for someone who needs love. That is our motto. The more we can take the emphasis off ourselves and focus on others, the greater gift of happiness we will have in return. In this season of Christmas it is so easy to give people the gift of your time, your help, your encouragement and your smile.

Give and you will receive ~ Luke 6:38

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