We LOVE this clip from espn on Kayla. Not only is she humble but she motivates us!! We should shift our minds from hating to exercise, to be grateful for the ability to choose to move.

Exercising increases your blood flow, clears your mind, is beneficial to your entire body and helps prevent too many things to name. Our goal is intentional movement for at least 20 minutes a day. The American College of Medicine and the American Heart Association recommend 150 minutes of exercise a week, which basically means a minimum of 20 minutes a day. Twenty minutes is so doable! The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults participate in muscle-strengthening exercise involving all major muscles at least twice weekly. Every move you make requires muscle strength. Maintaining muscle strength over the long term is an essential component of your good health. Our goal is to move often and build muscle strength so we can actively participate in life.

Our bodies were made to move! While the thought of “working out” does not sound good to most of us, there is nothing better than physically feeling strong and able. We do find it is critical to our health to intentionally move. The 4 areas we like to focus on are:

1.Gratitiude: Giving thanks for our bodies and that our feet hit the floor when we woke up this morning

Bottom line : Our body is a gift and should be treasured and well taken care of. Health is not always a given, so if you are able, then claim thanksgiving and get moving!

2. A shift in our mindset from “I have to exercise” to “I Get to move my body today”.

Shift your thinking towards movement. I mindful practice of this phrase can change your whole outlook on exercising.

3. The 20 min minimum rule!

If you don’t have 20 min, then you need to re-priortize your day! 20 min of intentional movement at a minimum a day is so doable!

4. Find out what type of exercise we identify with and remember what motivates us

We are all motivated by movement differently. Think about what type of exercise you enjoy. Is it walking alone and listening to music, running with a friend, a quiet YOGA class where you can meditate and regroup, or is it a cross-fit gym? There is not one type of exercise that is fit for EVERYONE. Find what motivates you and remember to also be building muscle. Take note of how you feel after exercise and start making a mental connection to that feeling of energy and positivity you feel. I am not good at exercising alone, I need a group. That is what motivates me. So aside from what motivates you as far as movement, also think about how exercise can motivate you physically and emotionally. Consistent exercise makes me feel physically more confident when I feel good in my clothes and feel strong, I feel more confident around my spouse and I love that I can do anything with my kids. Run, chase, pick them up etc…I can participate in life! Those are all great motivations too!

A typical week for me might look like this:

MONDAY: 30 MIN walk


WEDNESDAY: 20 Min Jump On trampoline with kids




SUNDAY: 20 MIN stretch session

A typical week for someone who loves yoga might look like this:


TUESDAY: 10 min run + 10 min squats and mobility

WEDNESDAY: 20 Min Jump On trampoline with kids


FRIDAY: In the backyard run around, did lunges, high knees, squats and played tag

SATURDAY: 20 Min Jog + 15 min stretching

SUNDAY: 20 MIN high intensity workout

A typical week fora runner might look like this:

MONDAY: 40 Min Run

TUESDAY: 20 Min High Intentsiy Workout

WEDNESDAY: 30 Min run

THURSDAY: 20 Min Stretch

FRIDAY: 30 Min Muscle strengthening

SATURDAY: 20 Min Jog + 15 min stretching

SUNDAY: 20 MIN high intensity workout

Here are some great resources of exercising from home:
















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