Avocado Toast & Parsley Salad

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This truly is one of my favorite meals!!! Avocado toast alone or with an egg on top is a staple around here. Parsley gets so overlooked as just a garnish and I love it as a salad!! Try these flavorful recipes below:

Avocado Toast:

1 Piece Ezekiel Bread

1/2 Avacado

1/2 Lemon

1Tbsp Cilantro

Salt + pepper

* Red Chile flakes (optional)

Toast your bread until its pretty crusty

meanwhile mash your avocado and add salt + pepper and a good squeeze of lemon

Chop your cilantro and in a small bowl add cilantro and some oil plus a bit of salt

once your toast is ready, spread the avocado on it then top with the oil +cilantro and a little squeeze of a lemon. I like to add red chile flakes!

Parsley Salad:

1 Cup rice {I used the microwavable kind and just heated on my stove}

1 can chickpeas

2 bunches of parsley

2-3 Tbsp or to taste Moroccan seasoning { i use this and love it , but you could add any seasoning you like}

1/2 lemon or more to teste

1-2 Tbsp or to taste Olive Oil

Cook rice and add rice, chopped parsley, chickpeas {drained}, olive oil, seasoning and lemon and stir well.


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