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At Wholesome Habits we want to practice Mindfulness in our approach to eating. Here are seven sample menus of what an easy day of healthy food looks like. Enter your email above to get a free printable of “your favorite meals” to keep track of some favorites in a handy place. sample6sample7sample1
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Wholesome Habits Suggested Foods

We HIGHLY encourage you to shop the outer perimeter of the store, avoiding the main isles with pre-packaged items.

Suggested drinks are:

Lots and lots of water

Coffee (Limited)

Herbal Tea

Occasional wine or Liquor

Suggested foods are:

LOTS AND LOTS OF VEGETABLES –Roast them, eat them raw, try new ones. Most of your daily intake should consist of vegetables.


We try to eat most fruits in the morning, since they do contain sugar. Pick up a few new fruits to try and of course we love apples, berries, and bananas with nut butter. Fruit is life giving so don’t be afraid to eat it, but also don’t over indulge either.


They are your friends! Remember we are not counting calories or fat. Some great examples of healthy fats are:




Chia Seeds

Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Our ancestors would kill and eat meat, but guess what, that was only about 10% of their diet. The rest was fruits and vegetables. We while we love us some chicken and beef, just be mindful to not adapt a philosophy of trying to eat too much of it. Salmon and tuna are also great protein sources, but honestly, the whole protein craze has gone too far and that is not something we are focusing on here. Either choose smaller portions or limit to once a day.


So lets not be legalistic, because that’s not realistic. Suggested inner isle foods are:

Real Oatmeal {not packaged and flavored}

Rice cakes

Rice chips



Frozen Berries

Nut Butters

Sprouted Ezekiel bread

While there may be a few items we forget, remember, the goal is to eat whole food! Real food. A granola bar may not seem that bad, it’s actually full of hidden sugars and false carbs. Always ask yourself, is this whole? Is it fueling my body or just a false filler?


It is our recommendation to limit or omit:



Starches in the form of bread, chips etc. {Ezekiel bread is allowed in moderation}

And of course anything packaged or processed!

Does that feel doable or overwhelming? Real food should be easy, colorful and delicious.

We have a pointers page that you can find some great recipes or follow us on instagram @wholesome.habits

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